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AAC Block

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

AAC Block is produced from 5 natural materials: silica sand, lime, cement, gypsum and water, combined with aluminum powder. The special combination of these substances yields a material with excellent construction properties such as structural strength, lightness, thermal insulation and fire resistance.

Much of the material used in the manufacturing process is recaptured from non-toxic mine tailings, dramatically reducing the amount of raw materials required for production. Additionally, waste generated during production is recycled back into the manufacturing process.

AAC Block is compatible with sustainable building practices since it requires fewer raw materials to produce and is Sorrellcropcompletely non-toxic. Production of AAC Block is designed to minimize waste and maximize recycling of materials. It is feasible to grind the extra block into a fine powder and produce an interior plaster, leaving very little waste for landfill..

AAC Block is..

  • Lightweight  Weighing approximately 1/5th as much as concrete. This attribute makes the design and construction of AAC buildings easier and less strenuous. The lighter weight doesn’t compromise strength as AAC has a compressive strength of 435 psi.
  • Energy Efficient The closed air cell construction of AAC provides superior insulation equivalent to R-values between 20-24. It is possible to save up to 40% on energy costs. The breathable qualities of AAC allow energy to move through the blocks very slowly, thus ensuring that the interior temperature remains consistent.
  • Fire Resistant  AAC is non-combustible and transfers heat slowly. AAC has a UL fire rating of 4 hours for a 4″ non-load bearing wall. AAC built structures provide homeowners with added piece of mind in fire prone landscapes.
  • Versatile  Because it can be shaped by ordinary power tools with ease, AAC Block lends itself to aesthetically pleasing designs like curves, arches and domes.
  • Easy to Install  AAC Block can be drilled, cut, cored and shaped on-site. Plumbing and Electrical lines can be routered directly into the block.
  • Cost Advantages  The installed cost of AAC Block is competitive with other building materials. Faster construction time, no need for fiberglass insulation, no sheetrock required, color pigments can be added to stucco and plaster, energy use is reduced by up to 40%, low long-term maintenance.
  • Sound Absorbing   In addition to providing thermal insulation, dead air cells within the block reduce the passage of sound. this makes AAC Block ideal for projects next to airports, highways, apartments, resorts or high-density neighborhoods.
  • Wear Resistant  AAC Block is impervious to pests and will not break down or decompose. It is also completely inert and inhibits mold growth.